Zen’s Gigabit Broadband Enabled in Bradford

BRADFORD residents now have access to gigabit broadband through Zen Internet, as the provider brings its full optical fiber to the city through the CityFibre network.

CityFibre has invested £ 77million in the deployment of Bradford infrastructure as part of its national Gigabit City investment program, while Zen is the only Which? recommended provider for broadband 2021.

Bradford residents can now access reliable service up to 900 Mbps from Zen, in collaboration with CityFibre, which aims to transform the city’s digital capabilities.

The new fiber optic service is accessible at a number of speed options, starting at £ 29.99 per month as a special introductory offer.

It is now available in many homes, Zen following the rollout of CityFibre throughout the city in the coming months.

Compared to standard broadband speeds of around 10 Mbps, fiber optic speeds would reduce the download time of an HD movie from 57 minutes and 15 seconds to just 38 seconds. Also, downloading a 60GB game would go from 14 hours and 19 minutes to 9 minutes and 32 seconds. The time required to download a large 1GB file would also drop from 2 hours 23 minutes to just 9 seconds.

The company believes that all-fiber broadband is transforming the digital capabilities of customers and has the ability to unlock the full potential of every smart device in the home. It also provides a strong connection for hybrid work, entertainment, and maintaining the post-pandemic connection.

Paul Stobart, CEO of Zen Internet, said: “The next few years will be absolutely crucial for home connectivity. Considered the decade of the gold rush, the 2020s will see the implementation of integral fiber across the country. By 2030, everyone will have switched to full fiber. Today, however, Bradford residents can get a head start by accessing award-winning Zen service delivered over CityFibre’s high-quality infrastructure.

“As a B Corporation and with the ambition to be Net Zero by 2028, residents can choose Zen with confidence, knowing that we are a supplier who will always strive to do the right thing. We ensure that our responsibilities to society and the environment are rooted in our DNA. We want to inspire the residents of Bradford to choose the right path when it comes to their internet connectivity, which in turn will unleash the power of sharing, learning and communicating. ”

To check if the service is already available in your area or to sign up for availability updates, visit zen.co.uk.

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