TruConnect Applauds White House for Steps to Expand High-Speed ​​Internet Access and Affordability

LOS ANGELES, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TruConnect, the nation’s fastest-growing Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) plan provider in the United States, offering affordable mobile products and services to low-income Americans, applauds the White House for its steps to bridge the divide technology and reduce the cost of high-speed Internet for millions of Americans through its new initiative. As a Lifeline provider for over 10 years, TruConnect also emphasizes the need to ensure wireless broadband is part of the solution.

“These are desperate times for people who cannot afford or do not have access to high-speed internet service. It is a necessity for opportunity – be it work, education, health, connection with family and friends – something we have witnessed firsthand with our clients since 2010,” commented Doug Lodder, president of TruConnect. “We applaud the steps the White House has taken to improve affordable access and increase the visibility of available programs and providers across the country. We believe these are the first steps of many others toward reducing poverty. digital divide. Our vision of total digital equity is where 100% of Americans are connected through a diverse network of solutions.”

Several studies highlight the need for multiple network distribution solutions beyond the fixed terrestrial. According to the Pew Research Internet Broadband Fact Sheet, 27% of people earning less than $30,000 every year didn’t have broadband at home, but relied on smartphones to stay connected. Additionally, the FCC shows that 99.9% of Americans have some sort of LTE coverage, while fixed terrestrial broadband is only rolled out to 94% of the country. This gap shows how the lowest income Americans and the 3.7 million people who live in precarious conditions or are not tied to a permanent address will still be affected by the digital divide without a solution that includes LTE delivery. .

TruConnect has been at the forefront of digital equity since the inception of the Lifeline program, a discounted phone service for eligible low-income consumers. As a mission-driven company, it has focused solely on creating solutions designed for its most needy customers, equipping more than 1.5 million Americans since May 2021 with free smartphones and service. Today, it offers an end-to-end connectivity solution including device and wireless connectivity, and also provides service through the federal ACP program. Sole provider to Lifeline and the CPA, TruConnect extends its offerings beyond others in the market to include services, no-contract plans and self-manufactured devices.

“While we applaud the White House’s decision with private sector commitments and the opening of greater competition to better serve consumers, we also encourage the administration to take the lead with a similar effort around the program. Lifeline which has been crippled by fragmented deployments and administration in some ‘default’ states,” Lodder continued. “It’s critical that resources are harder to access than ever, programs like Lifeline break down these barriers to improve the lives of low-income Americans by connecting them to loved ones, communities and critical resources.”

About TruConnect
TruConnect is the fastest growing Lifeline wireless provider in the United States, expanding the availability of wireless and Internet service plans and free devices through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to all Americans. TruConnect is mission-driven, transforming the way people connect to the world and helping more Americans access essential resources while staying connected to family and friends. With contract-free plans for voice, text, and data, and easy-to-use devices like handsets and hotspots, TruConnect has bridged the digital divide and connected millions of Americans who have otherwise been overlooked and underserved by traditional providers.

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