Telstra and Optus to market 5G multi-gigabit speed tests – Telco / ISP

Telstra’s mmWave speed test on a Google Pixel. (Credit: Paul Milford / LinkedIn)

Telstra and Optus say they both see speeds of several gigabits on the millimeter wave (mmWave) portions of their respective 5G networks.

Optus Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer Matt Williams said, “Initial testing provided download speeds of over 4.5 Gbps in a commercial environment and speeds of over 5 Gbps in a lab using a fixed wireless modem “.

Telstra’s 5G lead and head of technology discovery and validation, Paul Milford, meanwhile released a speed test above 3.6 Gbps on Telstra’s 5G mmWave infrastructure.

The two operators were among the successful bidders for the spectrum at an auction in April this year.

They also built mmWave sites, with Telstra having 50 sites online at the end of June and 65 sites today.

Telstra intends to nearly triple that number before the end of 2021.

Optus said it has been testing mmWave – which it calls Optus 5G Max – “over the past six months and really pushing it to its limits to get the best results for our customers in anticipation of device launches.” .

“The average Australian consumer today experiences network speeds of between 25 and 100 Mbps via a 4G or NBN mobile,” said Williams.

“With 5G Max, we could achieve speeds 40 to 80 times faster. “

MmWave technology is likely to be used in areas with high bandwidth demand, as it works best over shorter distances.

Optus previously called mmWave technology “true 5G” and said it could use this technology to disrupt the enterprise telecommunications market.

The new numbers were shared when the latest Google Pixel, mmWave-enabled smartphone was announced for pre-order in Australia.

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