TDS Fiber will be a new Internet service provider in Boise, ID

When it comes to internet service providers, most Idaho consumers would probably prefer more choice.

For tens of thousands of Boise residents, this will become a reality.

TDS Fiber plans to expand its network to about 26,000 homes and businesses in the Idaho capital, it announced this week. The Wisconsin-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) will bring new broadband competition to a market primarily served by Spark and CenturyLink.

TDS Fiber will offer residential customers Internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit (1 Gbps), all-digital TV service (called TDS TV+), as well as phone options. Businesses will have access to speeds of up to 10 Gbps, dedicated fiber and VoIP service.

In 2020, TDS began burying fiber in parts of Meridian, Garden City, and unincorporated Ada County. About 76,000 addresses should be connected in these areas. Meridian’s first customers were connected earlier this year.

TDS is not ready to disclose where it plans to expand in Boise, spokesman Mike Wanta said in an email. But the first customers should be connected this summer. The fiber will continue to be built in phases. Upon completion, TDS expects to cover over 100,000 addresses in Treasure Valley.

For consumers in these regions, the presence of a new ISP could affect the prices and speeds offered by competitors. TDS’ current promotional rates for two-year high-speed Internet in the Meridian area are $60 per month for 1 Gbps, $55 for 600 Mbps, and $40 for 300 Mbps. TDS Fiber does not restrict customers with data caps.

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This story was originally published February 24, 2021 11:15 a.m.

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