Six Westminster Street Markets have free Wi-Fi at Gigabit speeds

Six street markets in the London Borough of Westminster, including Church Street and Berwick Street among others, claim to have deployed a new “super fast“public WiFi network to help local merchants, customers and visitors to connect through a”Gigabit speed outdoor wireless“broadband connection.

The “free use, Which was rolled out by the infrastructure provider as a wireless service Ontix, is now available on Church Street, Berwick Street, Strutton Ground, Tachbrook Street, Maida Hill and Rupert Street.

As usual with Wi-Fi, any claim to be able to deliver “gigabit speedsShould be taken with a pinch of salt. In reality, signal strength issues, end-user hardware limitations, and shared network capacity will often work together to dramatically reduce what consumers can expect to receive in the real world. Mixing lightning-fast and gigabit terminology in the same ad doesn’t help matters either.

Alternatively, the service – which is part of an umbrella Wi-Fi network rolled out by Ontix across Westminster – will also include Passportâ„¢, which streamlines network access in Wi-Fi access points and “eliminates the need for users to find and authenticate a network each time they log on, ensuring seamless network access and roaming between hotspots. “

This latest milestone implementation expands Ontix’s growing infrastructure footprint in central London. As part of an exclusive 10-year partnership with Westminster City Council signed in 2018, Ontix has worked to deploy next-generation wireless services via street furniture assets across the borough, including its new Metrohaul neutral host link network in Trafalgar Square, supporting 4G / 5G, Wi-Fi, broadband and Smart City technology.

Debbie Jackson, executive director of Westminster City Council, said:

“Westminster City Council wants to give all possible support to our businesses and local communities in our city, and the rollout of this Wi-Fi service is just one of the ways we are providing a digital stepping stone for our darling street markets.

Businesses need an online presence more than ever and that includes market traders. By providing this next-generation Wi-Fi service and securing digital connectivity, it will allow merchants to reach a new and wider audience of customers. “

Barney Dickinson, Ontix COO, adds:

“By rapidly and efficiently deploying performance gigabit wireless connectivity in these and other key areas, Ontix is ​​playing a critical role in enabling businesses, residents and visitors to stay connected, continue to do business and create new businesses. vibrant, engaged and digitally inclusive communities. cheeky.”

Last year, Ontix delivered the first Passpoint â„¢ Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi network in central London, offering consumers enhanced connectivity and seamless roaming in London’s iconic Trafalgar Square. The one-of-a-kind public Wi-Fi service runs alongside its existing small-cell wireless network, and expansion is currently underway to other points outside of the Borough of Westminster.

Wi-Fi is part of the larger Digital Street Markets project, jointly funded by Westminster City Council and England’s European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Program 2014-2020 .

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