Sinema seeks to strengthen wireless networks and protect the privacy of Arizona residents

The senator and a group of bipartisan colleagues have urged bipartisan Senate leaders to bolster a critical program that bolsters national security and protects Arizonans and small businesses from unsafe broadband connections

WASHINGTON – Senior Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and a bipartisan group of colleagues have urged Senate leaders from both parties to strengthen the Reimbursement Program for Secure and Reliable Communications Networks protecting families, small businesses and infrastructure Arizona critics of insecure broadband connections that put national security and their privacy at risk.

“Strengthening the Secure and Reliable Communications Networks Reimbursement Program is critical to protecting the privacy of Arizonans and protecting Arizona businesses from bad actors who take advantage of unsecured Internet connections,” said Sinema.

The Federal Communications Commission’s Secure and Reliable Communications Networks Reimbursement Program allows small telecommunications providers to remove network equipment that may be allowing extraneous interference.

Currently, the Secure and Reliable Communications Network Reimbursement Program faces a potential shortfall, leaving wireless networks – especially in rural areas – vulnerable to disruption from malicious actors. Sinema seeks to bolster investments in this program that will enable the removal, disposal and replacement of potentially compromised network equipment that can make US wireless networks vulnerable to eavesdropping and disruption.

Arizona’s critical infrastructure – including power plants, military bases, police stations and fire stations – should not be threatened by the use of potentially suspicious technology that could be compromised by foreign governments . Removing this suspicious technology protects Arizona families and small businesses from having their personal information and privacy accessed by bad actors.

Click on HERE read Sinema’s bipartisan letter.

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