Sign up for Verizon Fios internet service and get $100 Discovery Plus gift card

Fiber optic internet is becoming more and more affordable, but only if you live in a covered area.

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If the pandemic has proven anything is that a reliable Internet service is a vital tool. It allows us to work, learn, have fun and communicate with our friends and family. That’s why we’re bringing you these Verizon Fios home internet deals. Right now, when you sign up for a new Gigabit connection plan (Verizon’s fastest), you’ll receive a $100 Verizon gift card.

All new customers of the Residential Internet Package will have free access to Discovery More (monthly value: $7), which provides on-demand access to content from the Discovery Channel, Food Network, HGTV and TLC.


In addition to the $100 gift card, new Gigabit Connection users also get a free Stream TV box and router rental.

Verizon Fios

What is Verizon Fios?

This is Verizon’s fiber optic home internet service, which promises download and upload speeds of up to 880 Mbps. Unlike traditional broadband services like cable, fiber speed is not affected by the number of users and generally has higher download speeds. This is crucial for those planning to stream content on services like Twitch or YouTube Live. With plans starting at $40, what’s the deal? Availability is quite limitedprimarily serving the east coast.

More discount opportunities

Are you affected by COVID-19 and eligible for government Vital assistance? Verizon Attacker Fios program can provide you with internet service for as little as $20 per month. The best part is that you are still eligible for sign up bonuses. Verizon customers with the Unlimited Wireless plan can bundle their mobile plan with Fios to save an additional $10 on their monthly bill with Verizon Up.

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