Save 82% on Private Internet Access’ Breathtaking New VPN Deal

Considered one of the best VPNs on the market, Private Internet Access (PIA) is now offering an incredible new price that has really put the cat among the pigeons when it comes to the race for the title of best VPN provider good market.

PIA has been a great value VPN option for a while now, but recently revealed pricing has made it even more attractive. It now offers an impressive 82% off if you choose its two-year plan (opens in a new tab). Including two additional months free marked at the end of your plan – so that’s your next 26 months of online anonymity and supported website unblocking.

The generous discount reduces the overall price to only $2.19 per month (opens in a new tab). It even undermines Surfshark, which is generally recognized as the best value option of premium VPN providers on the market.

Ready to beef up your online security and unlock all your favorite Netflix catalogs? Keep reading to get all the details on this VPN deal and find out if PIA is the service you’re looking for.

Secure your online privacy with this PIA VPN offer:

Summary of the latest Private Internet Access prices

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Is Private Internet Access a good VPN?

Private Internet Access currently ranks 4th in our best VPN buying guide. Hosting over 10,000 servers you can access in 78 countries. This means better reliability in terms of speed with servers less likely to be overloaded with other users. Not only that, it’s a pretty feature-rich VPN.

PIA has a number of nifty security features – these include its WireGuard protocol, a kill switch, and a brand new added SmartDNS. It is also highly recommended for those looking for a decent Android VPN or iPhone VPN clients that usually end up missing desktop versions. Its Chrome VPN is also fantastic, introducing blocking of website referrals and third-party cookies with its MACE feature.

Good news for those who want to tighten security on a number of their devices, PIA allows up to 10 simultaneous connections. And, just like its competitors, you can try it out with a 30-day money-back guarantee window.

It should be noted that PIA is not the fastest VPN on the market – our tests have shown it to be far behind IPVanish and NordVPN. We also think it’s high time this provider brought in independent auditors to verify its privacy and no-logs policies as well, as its major competitors do.

Still want to know more? Our in-depth Private Internet Access review details every aspect of this VPN provider.

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