San Jose Becomes First City To Fund Internet Access For Low-Income People With Help From Helium Crypto Mining

San Jose, Calif., On Wednesday became the first city to join a growing group ecosystem and use Helium’s blockchain-based incentive model to increase Internet access for more than 1,300 low-income families.

The details: These households will receive a payment of $ 120 on a gift card to help pay for home broadband service.

The cryptocurrency mined by the helium nodes funds the pilot program.

Helium Wireless Hotspot Token Rewards will be used to pay grants to eligible residents.

The context: For the more than 95,000 citizens without internet access in San José, this vision is both overwhelming and timely, especially since the digital divide has only grown during the global pandemic, according to the Helium blog post.

According to the report, Helium’s low-power grid is designed only for devices like sensors and trackers. Therefore, it cannot handle the connections of laptops and smartphones.

San Jose has deployed 20 knots of helium throughout the city, and volunteers and small businesses operate them.

So, if someone shares wireless connectivity with nearby devices, each node “mines” or earns Helium HNT reward tokens.

Later, these can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies during an exchange.
Picture: Unsplash.

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