Released on bail, Eliot Cutler wants to access the Internet again

ELLSWORTH, Maine — Eliot Cutler, who faces four counts of possessing sexually explicit material involving a child, wants to be able to use the internet again.

Cutler’s attorney, Walter McKee, filed a motion this week to change the former Maine gubernatorial candidate’s bail clauses so his client can access the internet with surveillance regular.

Cutler was arrested at his home in Brooklyn last month. He was later released on $50,000 bail which included provisions that he did not possess any device capable of connecting to the internet or possess any sexually explicit material.

“As it stands, being banned from owning even a device with internet access has been extremely difficult,” McKee wrote. “It is virtually impossible these days to engage in society without a computer or access to the Internet.”

Cutler retained the services of a computer and internet monitoring company that would provide regular reports on his internet usage to the district attorney’s office, if approved, McKee wrote in a filing Tuesday.

The service’s reports would specifically indicate whether he had accessed the Internet in any way related to sexually explicit material, according to McKee’s query.

Reports to prosecutors could be weekly or more frequent if requested by the Hancock District Attorney’s Office.

“Computer and internet monitoring would provide a transparent and accountable process that would allow [Cutler] to access the Internet, without worrying that [Cutler] would do so to access sexually explicit material,” according to McKee.

Hancock County District Attorney Matthew Foster did not immediately return a request for comment on Friday, but McKee said Foster’s office had no position on the motion.

A hearing on the matter is scheduled for May 3, when Cutler was already expected to have a court date.

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