Open Cape helps improve internet access in Falmouth

The headquarters of the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce near Main Street.

FALMOUTH – OpenCape Corporation’s Falmouth Main Street customers will receive a significant price reduction for their fiber internet access.

OpenCape CEO and Executive Director Steve Johnston said the rate reduction was the result of more than two years of planning and partnering with Falmouth Economic Development and Industrial Corporation and the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce to address the poor internet quality in downtown Falmouth and Woods Hole.

“Small businesses in particular were struggling, mainly during the summer months, to manage the flow of their ability to connect and process everything from credit cards to ordering systems for businesses. contacted the EDIC and the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce and said ‘Hey, we really need to do something here to improve our ability to run our businesses,’ Johnston said.

“Merchants and merchants coming to you and saying they can’t get enough internet connectivity to process a credit card is a real problem.”

After also contacting MassDevelopment, OpenCape built fiber optic infrastructure in the region to offer services to local businesses.

The fiber optic connection offers a minimum download speed of 250 megabytes per second and an upload speed of 125 MB for around $117.

However, OpenCape and its partners have recouped the investment made and are lowering prices by around 30%, down to around $80.

“This is a very important statement because if you live in Cape Town, work in Cape Town or even offshore Cape Town I’m sure you’re probably frustrated with your local incumbent provider’s ability to provide a robust and reliable service at a affordable price,” Johnston said.

“I think this is a great example of a small, not-for-profit Internet Service Provider outperforming national providers by providing a really robust service at a really affordable price. That’s what we want to draw attention to. That this is essential both today and in the future as we talk about economic development and growth in Cape Town.

With inflation hitting the national economy hard, Johnston said he was proud to be able to bring savings to his clients despite the challenge.

He added that OpenCape is also working with lawmakers to bring fiber optic connections to more communities across Cape Town, possibly using some of the funds provided by the American Rescue Plan Act or other COVID relief.

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