New Philadelphia offers wireless internet service downtown

NEW PHILADELPHIA — The city is now providing free limited wireless internet service to the downtown business district, Mayor Joel Day announced Monday.

Users will be limited to 5 mpbs bandwidth to check email and browse the internet, he told council members. Social media and video streaming will not be available to conserve bandwidth and provide a more positive user experience.

There will be a time limit for use. Websites and resources containing adult material and those that pose a security threat are blocked, he said.

The service is provided through New Philadelphia’s fiber optic network, which was installed two years ago by Horizon. Its cost is included in the city’s monthly payment to Horizon for Internet service.

Users who want to use the service on their smartphone will see “Downtown Wireless” on their Wi-Fi settings.

The 2022 snow moon rises behind a statue of Maj. Henry Kaldenbaugh, Tuesday, Feb. 15 outside the Tuscarawas County Courthouse in downtown New Philadelphia.

Day said the city would like feedback on wireless usage. Email City Information Specialist Larry Lowdermilk at [email protected] with comments and questions.

“There are still a few bugs to fix in the system, and we’d love to hear as much feedback on how you’re using it and what issues you’re having,” he said. “We would really appreciate that.”

Day said he hopes the service will spur downtown economic development.

This map shows the coverage area of ​​the new wireless Internet service in downtown New Philadelphia.

The mayor also announced that he signed a final agreement last week with the Federal Aviation Administration to receive a $135,000 FAA grant to relocate the taxiway to Harry Clever Field.

The taxiway is used by aircraft to access the airport runway.

The Ohio Department of Transportation and Aviation and the city are each contributing $7,500 to the project, which includes LED edge lighting and directional signs.

Construction is scheduled to begin August 15 and end September 13.

The main track and the grass track will be closed periodically during the project, he said.

Cooper Winters, 12, (seated in front of the plane) taxied in the

In other cases counsel:

  • Heard Service Manager Ron McAbier reports that the 2022 paving in the city is complete.
  • I heard McAbier report that five large trees fell in New Philadelphia during Saturday’s storm. Most of these trees have been felled. The downed trees spread throughout the city.
  • Heard Auditor Beth Gundy reports that New Philadelphia has received the first installment of its opioid settlement money. The city will receive $6,696 in 18 monthly installments.
  • Heard Day reports that the mayor’s office has contacted local church leaders to set a meeting date in August when city security forces can discuss security measures. This is the next step in developing a community plan to prevent or respond to active shooters and other similar incidents.

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