! Murcia Today – Green light for free TV and internet access for patients in hospitals in the Region of Murcia

Publication date: 02/23/2022

Four million euros will be invested over the next five years to improve TV and Wi-Fi services in the hospitals of the Murcia Health Service (SMS)

The government of the Region of Murcia has given the green light to proposals by the Ministry of Health to provide free television and internet services to patients in hospitals of the Murcia Health Service (SMS).

Nearly 4.1 million euros will be spent over the next five years to install televisions with open channels and Wi-Fi (256 kilobits per second) in all rooms.

All television was made free for patients at Murcia Hospital in January 2021, but this was quickly changed to only include Covid patients from April of that year. Now, nearly a year later and following public pressure to change that rule, television and the internet will once again be made available free of charge, this time for the next five years.

In addition, a free tablet service will be available on request (maximum one per patient), including access to high-speed Wi-Fi, in pediatrics, long-stay, day hospital, dialysis and isolation, if applicable.

“There will be means and methods to ensure that the tablets are not a vector of transmission between patients”, assured the Board of Directors in a press release.

While standard Wi-Fi will be available free of charge for certain stays, patients and their visitors will also be able to access a high-speed network – guaranteed minimum of 5 megabits per second per device – for Internet access, viewing of streaming and/or paid. multimedia content from internet platforms or other sources.

The technology and network installation contract will be put out to tender in the coming weeks.

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