Juhi Chawla moves Delhi HC’s divisive bench in 5G wireless networks case

December 22, 2021 10:02 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]Dec 22 (ANI): Actor-environmentalist Juhi Chawla on Wednesday moved the divisional bench of the Delhi High Court challenging the single-bench order that dismissed a lawsuit filed against the establishment of wireless networks. 5G wire in the country.
In his appeal, Chawla said the single order dismissing the lawsuit is bad in law because a lawsuit can only be dismissed once it has been allowed to be registered as a lawsuit by the court.
The actor further said that the single bench imposed costs on him even after the complaint was not authorized by him to engage in a “lawsuit”, and acting without jurisdiction, contrary to the law.
She also challenged the finding of the Single Judge that the petition was only brought to gain publicity, the motive of which was inferred by the learned Single Judge simply from the fact that the Plaintiff had broadcast the videoconference link from the High Court on its social media accounts which had led to repeated disruptions of the Court’s hearings held on June 4, 2021.
The division bench of Judge Vipin Sanghi and Judge Jasmeet Singh is due to hear the case on Thursday.
The Single Court of Justice JR Midha had dismissed the lawsuit brought by actress-ecologist Juhi Chawla against the establishment of 5G wireless networks in the country.
Judge JR Midha’s bench at the delivery of judgment had said that the plaintiffs (Juhi Chawla and the other two plaintiffs) had abused the court process and imposed a fee of Rs 20 lakh on the plaintiffs.
In its order, the court said: “It appears that the prosecution was conducted for publicity purposes. Plaintiff Juhi Chawla circulated the link of the hearing on social media which caused three disturbances. Delhi Police will identify individuals and take action against those who have created disruption.”
According to the motion, the plaintiffs asked the “resulted defendants” to certify that 5G technology is safe for humans and all types of living organisms and to produce their supporting RF radiation studies.
The spokesperson added that if not already being carried out, effective research should also be carried out without the involvement of private interests. (ANI)

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