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KANSAS CITY, Missouri, May 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Conexon Connect, the internet service provider created and operated by the leader in the design and construction management of rural fiber optic networks, has been selected by two Midwest Missouri power co-ops to transform their communities with reliable and affordable broadband service.

Osage Valley Electric Cooperative and Sac Osage Electric Cooperative have signed with Connect to launch and deploy fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks providing high-speed Internet access to 24,000 homes and businesses in 17 counties in Missouri. The two co-ops are the closest electrical membership co-ops to Conexon’s Kansas City headquarters.

The Missouri partnerships follow on recently announced agreements by Connect with several Georgia Electric member companies. When completed, the Connect projects will have provided high-speed Internet access to more than 100,000 rural Americans.

“This partnership presents an exciting opportunity to bring the power of Conexon fiber broadband into our own backyard,” said Randy Klindt, Conexon Partner. “We will be installing fiber in areas just one hour from our Conexon head office. Now, with Connect, we will be on the ground both to build and operate the network for local customers, and to observe firsthand the members of Osage Valley and Sac Osage feel the impact of broadband on life for power their homes, businesses, health care and education. “

Together, Conexon and the co-ops are investing more than $ 130 million to build the grid, which will enable improved electrical service and increased reliability through smart grid capabilities in addition to providing world-class Internet access. The Osage Valley Electric project is expected to be completed within five years, with the first customers connected in 4Q 2021. The Sac Osage Electric network is expected to be completed within four years, with the first customers connected in 1Q 2022.

“This venture represents a huge opportunity for our rural communities in Osage Valley to move forward with access to the technology that has fueled life in urban areas for years – but has been woefully lacking for our members. “said Jarrod Campbell, CEO of Osage Valley. Electric cooperative. “With Conexon guiding the process every step of the way, we know our members are in the best possible hands from start to finish and will receive exceptional service over a cutting edge network. “

“There is no doubt that fiber broadband will be a game changer,” said Jim Davis, Managing Director of Sac Osage Electric Cooperative. “The speed, reliability, affordability and attention to customer service that the Conexon network will provide will change lives from the moment it is deployed. We look forward to sharing this future with each of our members and seeing our communities flourish. “

Conexon and Connect work exclusively with electricity cooperatives with a commitment to serve 100% of cooperative members with fiber broadband. Together with its customers, the company has designed over 100,000 miles of fiber, built over 30,000 miles per year, and connected over 200,000 subscribers.

“We are in a race in rural America,” said Jonathan Chambers, Conexon partner, “a race between connection and isolation. Isolation means more limited access to education, health care and opportunities economic, which in turn means people are abandoning rural areas. This has been the trend of recent decades. For the first time in our history, rural populations are in decline.

“Connecting through high-speed Internet access has the chance to reverse this trend. This mission is no different from the mission that every electric co-op undertook over 80 years ago. We are delighted to be working with Sac Osage and Osage Valley electric co-ops to renew their mission and connect their members to world-class Internet access. “

Conexon Connect participated in the Conexon Rural Electric Cooperative Consortium, a procuring entity that has won over $ 1.1 billion under Phase I of the FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund to provide broadband service to the gigabit level (highest level of service). The Connect Awards encompass dozens of electric co-op territories in 10 states. The ambitious initiatives will provide ultra-fast symmetrical broadband service to millions of Americans – fiber optic to 100% of rural homes and businesses in all the territories awarded in the RDOF auction. The intention of the company is to partner with the electric co-ops serving the assigned territories – as in the case of the co-ops in Missouri and the electric membership companies in Georgia.

About Conexon Connect

Conexon Connect is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) arm of the leading rural fiber broadband design and management company Conexon. The subsidiary was formed to operate and manage fiber-to-the-home networks owned by cooperatives and investors. Connect draws on Conexon’s decades of cooperative operations, fiber optic design and construction, telecommunications, federal and state lobbying, and customer experience management expertise to successfully launch and operate projects . The Connect approach involves working exclusively with electrical cooperatives to launch and deploy high-speed fiber optic networks – the gold standard of communications transmission – enabling them to deliver world-class fiber broadband to 100% of their members.

About Conexon

Conexon works with Rural Electric Cooperatives to bring fiber to homes in rural communities. The company is made up of professionals who have worked in electrical cooperatives and the telecommunications industry, and offer decades of one-on-one experience in business planning, network building, marketing and telecommunications sales. Conexon offers its electrical cooperative customers end-to-end support for the deployment and operation of broadband, from the start of a project to its long-term sustainability. She works with clients to analyze economic feasibility, secure financing, design the network, manage construction, provide operational support, optimize business performance and determine optimal partnerships. To date, Conexon has helped nearly 200 power co-ops, nearly 50 of which are deploying fiber-optic networks, with more than 200,000 subscribers connected fiber-to-home in the United States. financing for its clients across the country.


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