Intel Introduces Network Platform and Software for 5G Wireless Networks

Reaffirming its position as the premier network silicon supplier, Intel unveiled Intel Network Platform as well as new additions to its 5G and edge product portfolio at MWC 2021.

Intel Network Platform is a technology foundation that can reduce development complexity, accelerate time-to-market, and help ensure that customers and partners can take advantage of Intel hardware functionality, from core to core access. periphery.

It includes system-level reference architectures, drivers, and software building blocks that enable rapid development and delivery of Intel network solutions providing a simpler and faster path to develop and optimize network software.

“Network transformation is essential to unlock the 5G possibilities and maximize the rise of the edge to create new and better business outcomes for our customers around the world, ”Dan Rodriguez, vice president of Intel Corporate Platforms Group, said in a statement.

“As a leading provider of network silicon, we have driven this shift towards virtualization of the core to access the edge and the implementation of advanced computing capabilities with our decade of experience, to fuel our company’s digital revolution. Rodriguez added.

The company confirmed its leadership in Virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN), noting that almost all commercial deployments of vRAN run on Intel technology.

With Intel’s vast portfolio of providing feature-rich silicon and optimized software solutions, the company can tap an industry-leading silicon opportunity estimated at $ 65 billion by 2025, the company said.

Intel technology is already deployed in more than 35,000 end-customer edge implementations, he added.

Intel Smart Edge consists of two software offerings for the multi-access edge computing layer that will now have a unified architecture and codebase to help customers integrate and manage edge applications and network functions whether they want to buy a business solution or build their own solution. .

It is commercial software focused on on-premise enterprise use cases, such as private networks and customer universal equipment.

The Intel Agilex FPGA family is growing, with a new FPGA with built-in cryptographic acceleration that can support MACSec in 5G applications.

This adds another layer of security to vRAN at the fronthaul, mid-haul, and backhaul levels, the company said.

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