How Verizon’s New Super Truck Will Boost Wireless Networks In Disaster

Verizon has launched its new prototype, THOR. Designed to withstand storms and maintain 100% communications, this new truck could end up saving lives.

Tuesday, Verizon demonstrated their new field tool designed to keep the signal strong during disasters – a super truck named THOR. Verizon recognizes the ever-changing landscape of natural disasters caused by climate change, and it seeks to play a role in being present when the worst happens. Communication is at the forefront in serious situations, so putting in place a tool to help those who need it most is a step in the right direction.

When disasters do occur, they can take any shape and size and can place a huge demand on the telecommunications infrastructure needed to keep communication running for everyone. Whether it’s a wildfire or a typhoon, the system that keeps people connected needs to run as efficiently as possible. Companies like Verizon have sought to strengthen these systems, because of their importance and importance in the event of a disaster.

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In partnership with Department of Defense NavalX and SoCal Tech Bridge, Verizon presented its first demo of what the company calls “The Swiss Army Knife of Verizon Frontline Services. “The vehicle, built on a modified F650 chassis is a”Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband Private Vehicle and Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) with Fast Response for Command Center. “Doubled THOR (Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response), it is equipped to the teeth with full radio interoperability, offering features such as the ability to provide its own 5G mobile network for commercial satellite operations. The super truck also has the ability to become a commercial drone control center. Apparently, all of these systems can be controlled via a tablet, allowing for minimal crew.

Bring the cell tower to you

THOR’s goal is to provide emergency services with communications access where there would be none if Verizon Frontline did not provide a solution. For example, wildfires are a major problem in California, where a large area of ​​the state is not covered, and THOR would likely be of absolute benefit to first responders. The aim of the prototype is to help frontline workers and the Ministry of Defense not only with communication, but also with risk assessment. Verizon says it has been developing this advanced network for first responders for nearly three decades with the cooperation of public safety officials.

The growing risk of natural disasters only increases the need for initiatives like Verizon’s. The more 5G is deployed in places, the more access to the Internet and to others will be important. However, disasters will still prove to be problematic in many places, and while Verizon’s THOR is only a prototype for now, it points to an improved network for those on the front lines when a disaster strikes.

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