How onboard internet access can inspire passengers to use public transport

It is fair to say that the internet plays a huge role in our lives. It keeps you company, giving you plenty of options to kill time during dull moments. It provides you with all the information you want in seconds. It also lets you search for feel-good music and ASMR videos to help you unwind at the end of a busy day.

Therefore, it has become almost impossible to find a house that does not have an internet connection. Most pubs and restaurants have followed suit, with Wi-Fi codes prominently displayed at the bar inviting customers to take advantage of the building’s free internet access. In this regard, public transport is also adapting and modernizing.

In fact, internet access on board can really make a huge difference in encouraging passengers to use trains and buses. This is particularly pressing as we hear more and more disturbing stories about the appalling effects of climate change on our planet, not to mention the news that London is the most congested city in the world.

This article will look at some of the benefits and positive impacts that Wi-Fi in public transport can have on the lives of travelers and commuters.

Provides entertainment

If your destination is hours away from your starting point, you might take a long drive, yawn and fall asleep watching the views go by. Some may read a tantalizing thriller or the daily newspaper to pass the time; however, some passengers suffer from motion sickness – otherwise known as “motion sickness” – which prevents them from laying their eyes on a book for any length of time while traveling.

By having Internet access on board, travelers can find endless ways to fulfill their trip. If staring at a screen for too long makes you dizzy, you can always search for a podcast or music and listen to your choice while watching the world go by.

Ultimately, it helps decrease the perception of travel time, thereby improving the mood of bored passengers. With the power to provide on-board entertainment for all tastes, internet access and rail Wi-Fi connectivity are essential tools to encourage commuters to board trains and buses more frequently.

Promotes productivity

Another great benefit of onboard Internet access is that it allows passengers to be productive on the road – or on the rail. Indeed, with a laptop, tablet or smartphone at hand, workers can start carrying out their professional tasks on their way to the office. Whether it’s checking email, revising for an exam, or organizing meetings in your digital calendar, the built-in Wi-Fi can help you prepare for the day ahead.

Internet access on public transport can really boost productivity. By giving employees the ability to view assignments on trains and buses, onboard Wi-Fi can positively influence and promote work efficiency.

Offers live updates

When you’re driving your own car, it’s hard to find out about road traffic and potential road delays. Instead, when comfortably seated on a bus or train, internet access can help passengers discover all the information they need about their trip. What time will you arrive at your final destination? Can you catch the next connecting service?

Wi-Fi in public transport can actively provide customers with live updates. Knowing arrival details and possible setbacks along the way gives passengers the ability to shape their plans accordingly. It also works wonders on their mood and level of satisfaction. Ultimately, giving commuters the ability to both rearrange their schedules and manage their time will encourage more people to use public transport.

Helps emergencies and increases safety

Unfortunately, unexpected events can happen at any time. Therefore, they could also arise during your trip without notice.

In these situations, having Internet access can be a significant advantage. Indeed, it will allow you to contact the authorities in various (and subtle, if necessary) ways – from text messages to social media posts. It also gives you the option to share your location with your friends and family with just one click.

In addition, Wi-Fi connection can increase passengers’ sense of security. By browsing live information about their journey and connection services, especially at night, customers can travel with more confidence and peace of mind.

Thanks to continuous advances in technology, we can enjoy information and entertainment throughout the day. Likewise, by using onboard Wi-Fi and internet-connected devices, passengers can really make the most of their travel time. From live updates to productivity, it’s safe to say that internet access has a range of significant benefits in encouraging travelers and commuters to use public transport regularly.

Image credit: lightpoet / DespositPhotos

Sam Taylor is Head of Marketing Campaigns and Content at Nomad Digital. Sam joined Nomad in February 2020 and holds a BA Honors in Advertising.

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