How a Private Internet Access VPN Opens Up a World of Streaming


If you’ve recently traveled outside of the United States, you may have noticed that sports and entertainment streaming is different around the world. Some services like Netflix have different catalogs in different countries and many sports options are different even depending on the city where you are watching.

But you don’t have to travel to see these differences if you’re using a virtual private network or a VPN. Along with providing security and anonymity to users via an additional layer of encryption, it routes traffic through another state or country of your choice, essentially taking you on a virtual journey to experience the internet from anywhere. VPNs are legal in the United States, Canada, and most countries with a free and open Internet, but banned in countries like Russia, China, and North Korea.

For sports fans, VPNs have become an essential way to avoid blackout zones or watch sports that aren’t broadcast in the United States. For example, in the UK, BBC iPlayer and ITV Player will show this year’s World Cup, while in the US only Hulu + Live TV, Sling or DirecTV subscribers will have access. That’s why fans of international football or global sports like cricket and rugby were early adopters of VPNs.

Private Internet Access has servers in all 50 states and 83 different countries, allowing you to surf the web as if you were there. This applies to more than sports blackouts – you can also access local websites that are blocked outside state or national borders, including local news stations and online banking details . It even lets you watch TV premieres before they appear in your time zone, avoiding those dreaded Twitter spoilers.

Your streaming service may frown on its user agreement, but using a VPN is legal and can help you avoid geo-blocks when you’re traveling or when you’re at home but need to be home. halfway around the world to get that telenovela, Bollywood movie or Australian rules football game. A PIA VPN can help access streaming, as well as local content or social media.

Work from your local cafe with greater peace of mind. A PIA VPN provides another layer of security when you’re on public Wi-Fi to protect you from eavesdropping by strangers, especially if you’re banking online or accessing any of your financial data. . It can also protect you if you get into heated online arguments and hackers want to trace your location.

It’s not just strangers in a Starbuck trying to access your device; many apps actively track your location and browser history. A PIA VPN can prevent them from using your IP address to keep tabs on you and from sharing that information with third parties or even governments. Don’t think that just because you’re browsing “incognito” doesn’t mean no one can see where you’ve been.

Some services have different fees depending on where you are. Try buying that plane ticket from different places using a PIA VPN and see what you can save.

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