Highline Announces Expansion of Internet Service in the Grand Junction Colorado Area

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado–(BUSINESS WIRE)–high line today announced the launch of ultra-fast Gigabit fiber Internet service for the Grand Junction Colorado areareaching out to unserved, underserved and previously underserved households and offering them real High-speed Internet. Grand Junction is just one of the many places in Colorado where Highline wants to make a difference in improving education, health care and economic development for all, as well as making it easier to work and homeschool. Mesa County is a diverse mix of outdoor living, local farms, orchards, vineyards, and cultural venues, making it a perfect attraction to bring people to the area. Highline’s future-proof and affordable high-speed fiber internet improves the possibilities of living in Mesa County.

Highline partners with many cities and counties to bring Gigabit fiber optic internet to thousands of communities across the United States to bridge the digital divide. Internet and voice services provided by Highline have no hidden fees, no annual contracts, no limited speeds and as a result every customer has unlimited data and unlimited streaming thanks to the gigabit fiber optic network that Highline deploys.

With Highline, it’s all about the customer experience and using the Highline way of doing business that ensures a reliable connection to meet all your Internet service needs; all backed by a team of dedicated, caring members and a US-based customer support team.

“The increased need for working and learning from home, not to mention health care and other essential services, has come to the fore during the pandemic for the past two years, and residents and businesses in the Greater Junction and Mesa County have needs that are not being met. Our goal will be to make a difference in the lives of the great people in this region and give them real High Speed ​​Internet,” said Deb Rand, CEO of Highline South/West Region.

On high line:

At Highline, we believe everyone should have access to the fastest, most reliable internet service at a fair price, no matter where you live and work. Highline’s heritage companies have been in the telecommunications industry for over 126 years and have built, owned and operated fiber networks for over 27 years. Highline currently serves the communication and Internet needs of thousands of residents and businesses in Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska and Texas. Highline is building state-of-the-art, fiber-to-site, super-fast networks to deliver 2 Gigabit Internet service to tens of thousands of homes and businesses across the country that are currently unserved, underserved and underserved.

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