Grain Connect Partners with DZS to Extend Fiber at Gigabit Speed

PLANO, TX, December 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – DZS (NASDAQ: DZSI), a broadband access innovator and global market leader covering fixed and mobile peripheral access and connected room solutions for service providers and businesses, today announced that it is helping Grain Connect (Grain) expand its national ultra-fast fiber optic network, one of the fastest and most advanced in the UK. By leveraging a point-to-point Ethernet architecture, Grain not only delivers speeds up to 25 times faster than the UK average downstream and upstream broadband data rates, but also symmetrical services from more and more appreciated without loss of performance during peak hours.

“As we seek to rapidly grow our network, DZS fiber optic access technology has offered our residential customers higher density and exceptional reliability, which means less downtime and lower maintenance costs.” said Rich Robinson, CEO of Grain. “Whether we go to new or existing communities, we’ve been able to quickly and cost-effectively deliver ‘true fiber’ and symmetrical gigabit broadband, ensuring high customer satisfaction. This is even more important during the pandemic, as households demand even higher levels of performance and reliability in the face of unprecedented volume of network traffic generated by consumers who work, go to school, play games and watch movies simultaneously from home. “

As one of the world leaders in point-to-point PON and Ethernet fiber access technologies, DZS fiber expertise offers extraordinary advantage and flexibility to service providers. In the case of Grain, the growing operator takes advantage of point-to-point symmetric services as a differentiator, as well as a variety of DZS active Ethernet systems that can support from 24 to over 500 gigabit subscribers on a single system. Introducing the UK’s first symmetrical service with super-fast ping times for gamers, Grain is delivering its super-fast service bundles to underserved communities, new real estate developments, buildings and single-family homes across the world. country. With only 15% of the UK eligible for direct fiber connectivity today, Grain is just starting to tap the region’s potential market opportunities.

“Grain Connect is proving to be one of the most promising alternative providers in the UK market, building symmetrical broadband networks across the country and becoming a technology leader,” said Charlie Vogt, president and chief executive officer. the management of DZS. “Today they stand out as leaders in symmetric gigabit services, but they also clearly see the horizon for symmetric 10 gigabit services and are ready to make the switch as market demands. We congratulate Grain on its success to date and look forward to helping it continue its innovative point-to-point fiber optic network, which gives the best speed tests in the market and supports an enviable growth trajectory nationwide.

DZS has long been a champion of agile and innovative service providers around the world, striving to be at the forefront of technological innovation and aggressive growth and offering high capacity fiber access systems, high performance and operationally efficient. For more information on DZS and its fiber access solutions, visit

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DZS Inc. (NSDQ: DZSI) is a broadband access innovator and global market leader covering fixed and mobile peripheral access and connected room solutions for service providers and enterprises. A pioneer in broadband access and AnyHaul mobile platforms with more than 20 million products delivered, service providers and businesses look to DZS for innovation that drives long-lasting networks and exceptional performance. Over 1,000 service providers, carriers and enterprises in over 100 countries have leveraged DZS innovation, open solutions and agility to equip them with the network resources and freedom of deployment they need to dominate their markets and deliver an unparalleled communication experience. With manufacturing, engineering, service and support centers of excellence located around the world, DZS is positioned to bring next generation technologies and world-class solutions to service providers and businesses that are ready. to transform, to compete and to win.

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