Fort Worth Company Invests in Fast-Growing Internet Service Provider

A Fort Worth investment firm has invested in GiGstreem, a leading gigabit internet service provider in buildings.

GiGstream announced on April 7 that it had secured a $50 million investment from Crestline Investors Inc. to support the company’s continued growth strategy by rolling out its ubiquitous Wi-Fi platform to multi-family properties in major cities across the United States.

“We are excited about the market opportunity that GiGstreem represents and believe the ubiquitous Wi-Fi platform currently deployed is an excellent value proposition that consumers are increasingly demanding in a post-COVID environment,” said Will Palmer, partner of Crestline Investors. “We think Joel McIntyre (CEO) and Andrew Kusminsky (COO) are the right guys for the job.”

Launched in 2017 and based in New York, GiGstreem is a leading gigabit Internet service provider that currently operates in several markets on the East and West Coast of the United States, providing services to commercial businesses, residential communities and apartment buildings. of dwelling. With its industry-leading technology, GiGstreem provides entire buildings and communities with continuous property-wide WiFi coverage on their own private network, which in turn facilitates the next generation of wireless and technology services, including IoT, smart devices, in-building mobility (including CBRS and Connectivity-as-a-Service) and building management systems.

Amid the pandemic, a growing number of consumers have recognized the limitations of large provider networks, and the resulting outages and complaints have cost countless hours of lost productivity and economic loss. Property owners have quickly come to appreciate purpose-built networks like GiGstreem which are specifically designed to accommodate multiple streaming devices without any lag or buffering. As they deploy technologies designed to improve real estate operations, developers have prioritized vendors who master large-scale connectivity, which has made GiGstreem an increasingly attractive option.

With GiGstreem’s plans to continue its growth strategy in major US cities, Crestline’s investment provides GiGstreem with capital that will enable the company to deploy the necessary infrastructure to meet its demand backlog.

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