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Internet service provider Mango Telecom Rwanda has entered into a new partnership with Infinix Rwanda, a mobile phone company, to provide 4G Internet to people who buy phones from it.

The partnership kicked off on Wednesday, December 29 in the presence of brand ambassadors from both companies – Bonny Bugingo (Junior Giti) – a popular dubbing artist who has represented Mango 4G and Semana Ishimwe Kevin (Ish Kevin), a hip artist. Rwandan hop. who represented Infinix Rwanda.

Under the one-year deal, all buyers of a brand new Infinix phone will get 10GB free internet access from Mango 4G.

The partnership was launched on Wednesday, December 29. As part of the one-year deal, all buyers of a brand new Infinix phone will get a month of free 10GB Mango 4G internet.

Eric Niyomugabo, Mango Telecom’s representative in Rwanda, said the partnership is his company’s support for Rwanda’s vision to digitize service delivery.

“All Rwandan service providers are embracing digital solutions. So, we are also working with mobile phone users to increase internet access and accessibility, ”he said.

Ivan Rugomboka, who represented Infinix Rwanda, praised the partnership which he said benefits both parties.

“The partnership will benefit us and Mango 4G as it aims to improve the services we provide and to intensify the development of our customers,” he said.

Mango Telecom has expanded its presence in Rwanda with 35 branches across the country. The expansion allows the company to streamline customer service.

Queries and orders can also be placed through the company’s 2550 toll-free line, WhatsApp 0786666666 and Mango 4G’s social platforms.

Among other products, the company provides wireless surveillance cameras that can be connected to your smartphone, a multifunction phone that receives and shares 4G signals as well as mobile and wired routers.

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