Comcast to expand high-speed Internet service to Spring Hill

SPRING HILL, Kan. – This fall, Comcast will begin extending its fiber optic Internet network to Spring Hill, Kansas. The new service could provide internet speeds 100 times faster than most residents currently have access to.

In 2019, a Spring Hill ranked national study as having the third slowest internet speeds among rural America. At the time, the average speed was less than five megabits per second. The Federal Communications Commission considers high-speed Internet to be 25 Mbps. The current national average is around 99 Mbps.

Comcast plans to offer residential plans with speeds of 1,000 Mbps, or the equivalent of one gigabit per second. It indicates that businesses will be able to achieve even higher speeds.

The internet giant will spend $9 million on the expansion and estimates it will take two years to fully complete. Spring Hill residents will be able to sign up for Comcast’s Xfinity service to connect to the Internet.

“We’re one of the fastest growing cities in Kansas and that’s with bad internet,” Mayor Joe Berkley said.

He predicts continued growth following this announcement.

“You bring in these new businesses and generate this sales tax and you can keep taxes down, while funding projects and street repairs and things that need to be done,” Berkey said.

Internet access and road repairs were the two topics Berkey heard the most from voters.

Berkey said the city wasn’t spending taxpayer dollars to fund Comcast’s expansion, the company was paying for it.

President Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act earmarked at least $100 million for Kansas and Missouri to expand high-speed internet access. Both states have also earmarked millions of dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act specifically for Internet expansion projects.

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