C Spire begins investing in a high-speed Gigabit Internet network for businesses

C Spire is set to launch high-speed Gigabit Internet access for its corporate customers for $ 200 per month, the lowest price available in the country.

C Spire selected Tupelo as one of two dozen cities to launch America’s first effort to make Gigabit Internet widely accessible to businesses. C Spire will target small stores such as cafes and restaurants and small offices like law firms, accounting and tax departments across the country.

C Spire said its investment in Gigabit Internet access for businesses is part of the second phase of a major private sector technology deployment. The investment program aims to extend ultra-fast high-speed broadband Internet and fiber-optic fixed wireless Internet to more than 250,000 consumers and small businesses in towns and villages across Mississippi.

The company aims to make lightning-fast service available to one in five of the state’s 250,000 businesses.

The broadband expansion is part of the C Spire Tech movement, an outgrowth of the company’s Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) program.

“We are delighted to partner with the City of Tupelo to bring the benefits of high-speed fiber-optic Internet to their local businesses,” said Allen McIntosh, vice president and general manager of C Spire Business Solutions.

McIntosh said the city has been divided into six fiber optic companies – designated areas that are several hundred feet from the company’s vast underground fiber optic cable infrastructure. Even 3,300 companies that are outside the primary sphere of influence can benefit from the service.

C Spire has installed over 8,000 miles of fiber optic road and owns and has deployed more wireless spectrum in Mississippi than any other communications operator.

C Spire plans to provide high-speed Internet access to over 250,000 residents and businesses with speeds ranging from 25 Mbps in underserved areas, 100 Mbps in other communities to 1 Gbps for businesses using the latest fiber technologies optical and fixed wireless. C Spire continues its Gigabit FTTH deployment in several communities across the state.

C Spire launched the fastest internet service in 2014 in Mississippi and has more than quadrupled speeds in the state as a result of its FTTH initiative.

C Spire will share more details as each phase of the tech movement rolls out, including specific markets, prices, and speeds in programs.

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