Broadband internet rolled out to parts of South Australia

Eligible businesses in Whyalla and Mount Gambier are the first in the South Australian region to be connected to the super-fast GigCity internet service, delivering incredible download speeds and better connectivity locally, nationally and internationally.

South Australian Deputy Prime Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan said the completion of the GigCity network in Whyalla and Mount Gambier was great news for both cities, with nearly 40 businesses already connected across the two regional hubs. “Gig City is another example of the Marshall Government’s commitment to improving services, business opportunities and job growth in the South Australian region,” said Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“One thing the pandemic has highlighted is that many jobs can be done from almost anywhere in the world provided connectivity is up to standard. Whyalla and Mt Gambier are now such places. There are now over 500 companies with access to GigCity, across 23 business and innovation districts across South Australia.

“With regional businesses often citing poor digital connectivity as a barrier to success, it’s great to see major regional hubs Whyalla and Mount Gambier having access to GigCity connectivity and rates comparable to those available in Adelaide.”

The GigCity infrastructure is funded by the South Australian government and provided in these regions by the South African company MIMP Connecting Solutions.

MIMP Connecting Solutions CEO Allan Aitchison said the regional gigabit-speed networks were based on the latest microwave technology, with a 10-gigabit wireless ring around each city and fiber optic links to Adelaide. “The GigCity networks make internet access much faster and cheaper for businesses in Mount Gambier and Whyalla,” he said.

“For years people in these cities have struggled with slow internet speeds, so we offer a much faster service at a lower cost. As we built the network, we connected 38 customers in both cities to make sure every node was working while it was built. They are all thrilled with the speed and affordability of the service.

“We have been privileged to work with the Government of South Australia, who have funded this commercial infrastructure for super-fast internet services in Mount Gambier and Whyalla, to provide the communication base for regional businesses to grow their sales, employment and profitability.”

CodeMash is a Whyalla-based company that develops websites for local businesses and helps them with online marketing, social media, graphic design and photography. Owner Tim Gilbert said the GigCity network is both reliable and incredibly fast. “GigCity is amazing, everything works,” Gilbert said.

“We have a lot of our files in the cloud, including large photos. When I click on a link to open a 100 megabyte file stored in the cloud, it’s there instantly, with no wait. This is a game changer for businesses from Whyalla and best of all, it’s so affordable.

David Pratt, owner of Mount Gambier’s Southgate Motel for 18 years, described the GigCity wireless network as “outstanding”. “Our customers demand great internet access in today’s world, so poor internet will cost you business,” he said.

“Since we got GigCity, the speed is so fast that our customers rave about its quality. We have 53 rooms and all 53 guests can access the internet at the same time without any lag. This is exceptional service. »

*This is a copy of an announcement issued by the office of the Honorable Dan van Holst Pellekaan, MP, Deputy Premier of South Australia and Minister for Energy and Mines

To find out more about the Government of South Australia’s GigCity initiative, visit:

To inquire about connecting GigCity to Whyalla or Mount Gambier, contact WideNetworks:

For media assistance re. WideNetworks, email John Harris at [email protected]

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