Boston Omaha Corporation Launches Internet Service Provider Fiber Fast Homes, LLC; Partners with home builders and developers to build extensive fiber-to-the-home networks in communities nationwide.

Fiber Fast Homes, LLC (“Fiber Fast Homes”) represents Boston Omaha Corporation’s commitment to providing reliable high-speed fiber Internet service and white glove service directly to residents.

  • What theyre doing: Fiber Fast Homes partners with builders, developers and rental building communities to build fiber-to-the-home infrastructure and provide fiber-optic internet service to residents.

  • Why is this important: Today’s new home buyers demand fast internet service to meet their home office, smart home and entertainment needs. Fiber Fast Homes provides best-in-class technology coupled with a white glove service, starting with building the infrastructure through daily customer support. In addition, customer service and support are handled from move-in to move-out with white-glove concierge services.

  • Who they serve: For builders and developers who wish to offer fiber internet service under their own brand, Fiber Fast Homes offers white label opportunities.

OMAHA, Neb., September 14, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Boston Omaha Corporation (NASDAQ: BOMN) announces the launch of its Internet service provider subsidiary, Fiber Fast Homes. Scott Sampson has been appointed CEO.

“A reliable high-speed Internet connection is essential for everyday life. It’s simple: Consumers want a strong network and accessible support, ”said Sampson. “Fiber Fast Homes offers a far superior alternative to traditional providers – all in terms of customer focus, network quality and reliability. Ultimately, we strive to put service back into customer service.”

Partnering with builders and developers, Fiber Fast Homes provides fiber-to-the-home Internet service directly to homes at gig speeds. This allows consumers to participate in distance learning, work, and other applications that require high bandwidth, low latency connectivity.

The Fiber Fast Homes concierge team will directly assist each resident with personal and one-on-one assistance. The concierge will help you understand the service, Wi-Fi setups, and navigate the massive streaming TV services. The owner will take a full review to determine the best streaming service to meet their personal and family needs, to work on any device they use, Roku. Fire Stick, Apple TV or any other device.

About Boston Omaha Corporation

Boston Omaha Corporation is a public holding company of three majority owned companies in outdoor advertising, bond insurance and broadband telecommunications services. The Company also holds minority investments in a bank, a national residential home builder, commercial real estate services companies and the Yellowstone Acquisition Company.

About Fiber Fast Homes

Fiber Fast Homes is a fiber-to-the-home Internet service company serving new home communities and built communities for rent with fiber Internet services at Gig speeds. The company is led by CEO Scott Sampson, a seasoned telecommunications professional.

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