Big cities with the best and most reliable Internet access

No business – or home – can function today without Internet service. Businesses communicate with their customers over the Internet. And when the pandemic closed schools last year, families realized how important it was to have reliable broadband to provide education for their children.

Broadband access has become so important that President Joe Biden included it in his infrastructure plan. The plan calls for spending $ 100 million over the next eight years to expand broadband to 30 million Americans, about 30% of whom live in rural areas. The plan also aims to reduce the costs of broadband in urban and suburban areas where the Internet is easily accessible.

However, many large cities already provide reliable internet service to the majority of their households. To identify the US cities with the best and most reliable Internet access, 24/7 Wall St. examined the broadband access ranking of metropolitan areas with populations of over 60,000 people in the United States. The best performing cities of the Milken Institute 2021. Total population figures are one-year estimates from the 2019 American Community Survey from the US Census Bureau.

The Milken Institute based its Internet ranking on the share of households with any form of broadband access. In these cities, the percentage of households with broadband access is at least 91%.

Americans generally pay higher prices for Internet access compared to other countries. According to the data research firm Broadband search, Americans pay an average of $ 61.07 per month for the Internet, which ranks us 28th out of 117 countries surveyed.

For businesses and families, it’s a price to pay if the internet connection is fast, doesn’t go down, and if the provider has a backup server in the event of service disruption. With so many businesses operating in different locations and employees working from home, staying connected to the internet is essential. Of course, to access the Internet you need a computer. See the cost of a computer every year since 1970.

If you want the best and most reliable internet access, move to one of these cities. Not surprisingly, most are in the western United States, where the tech industry is concentrated. Eight California cities were on the list, followed by four in Colorado and three in Washington state. Of the top three, two are in Washington – Bremerton (No.1) and Metro Seattle (No.3). No. 2 is also a western metropolis – Ogden, Utah. Utah also placed three cities on the list. Is any of these cities among The 50 Best American Cities to Live?

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