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ATHERTON, Calif., May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Atherton Fiber has entered the San Mateo County, California market with a new approach to delivering broadband service. Founded by a disgruntled former Comcast and AT&T customer, Atherton Fiber finds receptive customers who are fed up with lower-than-advertised broadband speeds and notoriously poor customer service by offering symmetric internet connectivity – the same download speed and download – from 500 megabits per second and from there sometimes MUCH higher. Currently operating its network in Atherton and North Fair Oaks, the company plans to expand to Woodside, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto and other California cities in the coming year.

Broadband connectivity has changed people’s expectations of what ‘fast’ means – what was unbelievable a few years ago is now extremely slow,” said Gerry Lawlor, Managing Director of Atherton Fiber. Our mission is to provide the fastest possible broadband with the best customer service, period.

Faster uploads and downloads
With its fibre-to-the-home network, Atherton Fiber offers 1 Gigabit symmetric broadband service for $65 per month (and 500 megabit service for $55 per month) and plans to roll out 2.5 Gigabit symmetric service later this year. In contrast, other providers offering 2 Gigabit service offer asymmetric service with much lower download speeds.

According to one customer, “The bill is way less than what we were paying Comcast each month, and for the first time I can have video calls with work from home without any connection issues.”

Ultimate broadband available
For high-income homes and businesses that want the ultimate in broadband connectivity, Atherton Fiber will provide unprecedented 10 Gigabit symmetric fiber service for an installation fee of $10-15,000 plus fees monthly fees of $300 through its personal fiber licensing service. The service guarantees an exclusive connection directly from the network hub to the customer’s premises under a 30-year lease-type contract.

Open Access Community Networks
Unlike most providers, Atherton Fiber allows other providers access to their fiber network so cities can provide their own branded broadband services. This is a significant difference from the closed networks of AT&T and Comcast. The City of Atherton provides an open access network to its residents, and Atherton Fiber is in discussions with other cities about the potential for this type of network.

“In 2014, during my first term as Mayor of Atherton, Atherton City Council established an IT Committee of knowledgeable and interested residents to determine how best to provide our residents with high-speed service. fast and reliable that would be community driven,” said Rick DeGolia, Mayor of Atherton. “We heard repeatedly that the Internet service providers in place did not meet the needs of the residents or the city. After a thorough investigation, we decided to support the private company, Atherton Fiber, which was created by one of the committee members to deploy dark fiber throughout our city. Atherton Fiber is an open access network provider that offers residents a choice of several Internet service providers that have access to their network.

“I’m an Atherton Fiber customer,” added DeGolia, “and I’m very happy with the service I received and the speed they provided, which eliminated delays and interruptions in the many Zoom meetings I attend.”

Bridging the digital divide
Atherton Fiber is also committed to bridging the digital divide by serving low-income communities with free service. The company already serves parts of North Fair Oaks with free 1 gigabit symmetric fiber, compared to Comcast’s 100 megabits for uploads and 10 megabits for uploads. Atherton Fiber estimates that at least 5% of residents in each city will be entitled to free service.

Atherton Fiber’s open access and community approach is a game-changer for homes and businesses while connecting disadvantaged residents to super-fast broadband.

About Atherton Fiber
A subsidiary of Open 5G, Atherton Fiber is an open-access, community-based fiber optic network that provides the fastest symmetric internet connections for next-generation service with unlimited capacity. Serving homes, schools and businesses, the company was founded by Atherton resident Mike Farmwald.

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