Alaska Communications Launches New Internet Service Offering 1 Gigabit Speeds


ANCHORAGE, Alaska – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Alaska Communications (NASDAQ: ALSK) is bringing the speed Alaskans need with its new service, AKXinternet.

AKXinternet is a fixed mesh wireless solution offering download speeds of 1 gigabit and upload speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

The service offers unlimited data through a tiered speed model, with options starting at 100 Mbps.

This service is now available in certain areas of Anchorage. The company will expand to other sites in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and the Kenai Peninsula through 2024.

“We’re bringing more speed, more reliability and more choice to the people of Alaska,” said Bill Bishop, President and CEO of Alaska Communications. “Internet usage needs have changed, particularly over the past 17 months, and we are expanding our availability and options accordingly. ”

The pandemic has underscored how the availability of affordable broadband is essential for accessing work, education, healthcare, entertainment, and staying in touch with friends and family. In particular, fast download speeds are necessary for seamless video conferencing, which is an essential part of working from home.

Demonstrating its leadership, Alaska Communications is one of the first Internet service providers in the country to deploy this technology. Last week, Cambium Networks presented Alaska Communications with its Wireless Connectivity Hero Award, which recognizes visionaries who are changing the world with wireless technology.

The company’s use of fixed mesh wireless addresses the growing demand for reliable high-speed Internet. It uses a network of fibers and radios to create a mesh of connectivity around the customer.

“We are using wireless solutions to extend the reach of our fiber-optic infrastructure to serve the people of Alaska,” said Diedre Williams, senior vice president of operations. “With AKXinternet we will be able to deliver higher speeds to more customers in a faster time to market than fiber trenching, which is difficult to do in populated areas and is labor intensive. -work, which slows the rate of expansion. ”

AKXinternet is part of Alaska Communications’ focus on network expansion. The company’s goal is to reach 6,500 new addresses with this service this year. AKXinternet expansion will continue in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and the Kenai Peninsula until 2024.

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About Alaska Communications

Alaska Communications (NASDAQ: ALSK) is the leading provider of advanced broadband and managed computing services for businesses and consumers in Alaska. The company operates a highly reliable and advanced statewide data network with the latest technology and the most diverse submarine fiber optic system connecting Alaska to the contiguous United States. For more information, visit or


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